Terms and Conditions and house rules

Terms and Conditions and house rules for meeting room usage

1. Overview meeting rooms

Newport Meeting Center offers usage of its four meeting spaces on the below terms and conditions. These rooms are located in the company building at 8620 NIEUWPOORT, Toevluchtweg 2.

Room Capacity
Room 1 2 to 14 people
Room 2 15 to 70/100 people
Room 3 2 to 8 people
Room 4 2 to 8 people

2. Request

The user is required to send a request by e-mail or by filling in the booking form on the website. Booking is only confirmed after payment of the full amount outstanding by the user and after receipt of a confirmation email by Newport Meeting Center.

3. Payment

The request will initially only include the room booking and this fee needs to be paid by bancontact and credit card. After the activity date, a final invoice will be made based on use of refreshments and any extra costs made. This final invoice needs to be paid by bank transfer to account BE33 4741 0705 0146.

4. Included in the rate

  • Coffee, tea and water (except for Room 2).
  • Sparkling water and soft drinks are also available. This will be calculated on cost price. Every opened bottle has to be paid for.
  • Facilitation tools.
  • When using the kitchen (except for Room 2) a basic assortment of kitchen equipment (plates, glasses, cutlery) is included in the booking price. Damaged, broken or lost kitchen equipment will always be charged at cost price of similar appliances.
  • Free parking next to the building.
  • Cleaning (except for Room 2).

5. Catering

In collaboration with the user, we can provide a tailored breakfast or lunch: this can range from a sandwich meal to a four-course dinner. In short, we offer the user complete flexibility of options.

6. Respecting the booking period

The activities need to start and finish at the agreed time. If the user does not respect this booking period, every part of an extra hour will be charged at €50. This will be included on the final invoice.

7. Cancellation

Free cancellation is available up to 30 calendar days. If the room is not cancelled before this time, the below charges will be made.

15 to 29 days 25 %
7 to 15 days 50%
1 to 6 days 75 %

When cancelling over the phone, the user is required to send a written confirmation by e-mail.

8. Liability

Newport Meeting Center is not liable for accidents, theft and lost items during the period the room’s booked.

9. Damage liability

The user is liable for any damage to the building, installation or equipment. The user is required to notify us of any damages and arrange complete reimbursement.

10. During activity

The user is not allowed to use other rooms apart from the one booked. The user will not disturb users of other rooms. Smoking is prohibited in all the spaces and at all times.

11. Emergency exit

The emergency exits are to be kept free and cannot be locked.

12. Breaking the Terms & Conditions and house rules

Should these Terms & Conditions be disregarded by the user, Newport Meeting Center reserves the right to claim extra costs and/or immediately terminate usage of rooms without having to compensate the user.

13. Jurisdiction

In case of dispute, and on case-by-case basis, the jurisdiction lies with the small claims court of the Veurne-Nieuwpoort area, the ‘Eerste Aanleg’ West-Vlaanderen courts, the Veurne department of the commercial court Gent, department of Veurne territory.